On the Issues

Shane is proud to be a strong leader who won’t back down to political pressure from either side.

Shane believes that doing what is right is always more important than “going along to get along.” As a result, Shane Martin has a funds approval policy that all donations must adhere to. There have been several donations returned due to potential conflicts of interest or the fact that a group may be improperly trying to influence his values.

  • Shane Martin will sponsor and/or co-sponsor legislation that will improve the business environment and make it easier for businesses to do business and create jobs.
  • Shane Martin believes that state and local law enforcement should aid federal authorities whenever possible in the removal of illegal aliens from South Carolina. He has co-sponsored “English Only” legislation and is again co-sponsoring the 2011 “Arizona – Style” Immigration Law.
  • Shane Martin feels that wasteful government spending needs to be eliminated and is again co-sponsoring legislation that includes Spending Caps and rebating any excess money back to the taxpayer!  He will also work to ensure that all legislation is “single-issue” and can stand alone on its own merit.  Too many times in Columbia little things get passed as a portion of a larger bill.  This isn’t in the best interest of the state or taxpayers.
  • Shane Martin is an engineer / small business owner and feels, with his background and expertise, that he is suited to represent our state with industry and economic development.  Not afraid to lead the fight for Tort Reform and end frivolous lawsuits.  He has been ranked 6th and 8th in the Senate for pro-business votes by SCBIPEC and he will continue these strong efforts.
  • Shane Martin continues to push for Transparency. He has supported “roll call voting” and will continue the push to for additional transparency in the state legislature. He has also co-sponsored legislation to make sure any appropriations bills have a 72 hour waiting period before a vote.  This gives the public time to voice their input and hopefully will slow down government’s ability to spend your hard earned tax dollars.
  • Shane Martin believes 100% in our right to keep and bear arms! He will protect our 2nd amendment and uphold the rest of our constitution as well. He has passed legislation to fix problems with our current CWP laws.
  • Shane Martin is an ordained deacon, and is solidly pro-life. He believes that marriage is for a man and woman only.
  • Shane Martin will only vote to put conservative judges on the bench.
  • Shane Martin will continue to fight for prioritization during the budgeting process. He wants to make that sure core government services have a steady revenue stream and aren’t subject to the drastic budget cuts that have been made in the past.  Needs, not wants, must be taken care of first!