I make decisions based on knowledge and facts, even if not popular or widely known at the time. It made headlines in April of 2015 when I asked Gov. Haley to suspend the refugee program in SC until the federal government could assure us that each refugee could be properly vetted. It had been proven they couldn’t be properly vetted (and still cannot). The refugee program requires the Governor of each state to sign an authorization form for state participation. Many of us warned Gov. Haley not to do that and even passed a law in June to prevent state funds from being used, but she reauthorized the program for 2016 in early August. After the Paris massacre, other Governors said they would no longer accept Syrian refugees, but our Governor merely asked the Obama administration to use their best judgment and not send SC any more refugees from countries with ties to terrorism. Many heard on the news that she “stopped” the program – not true and un-vetted refugees continue to enter SC. Terrorists will hide their identity and don’t mind using well-intentioned programs to accomplish their goals. We all have a duty to protect our homes and families first and I also feel a duty to protect my constituents as well. This issue also highlights just how important our 2nd Amendment rights are. We must remain free to protect ourselves and our loved ones from all threats, foreign and domestic.